I need some help with learning JavaScript

I want to learn java script but what should i do the coding in? i’m not familiar with coding at all but id like to learn as a “hobby”. Should i download a virtual box like software to do the coding in so i don’t trash my PC?

If you follow a particular tutorial video or online course they’ll usually advise you on the steps to set up your environment. But you can use codesandbox.io if you just want to play around and see the results appear on screen. It is all in the browser so you don’t need to download anything.

When you get more serious you will probably want to install a text editor like VS Code, or people say Atom is good as a starting point.

Alright thanks for your input!

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If you want to do fcc curriculum you can do coding in the website editor

Outside of that, I really like repl.it

Ok thanks ill check it out