I only know python and I want to build a commercial app, what is my best option to try?

Considering that I only know python, (I’m using it for AI and data science) I want to know what is my best option to try in building a commercial app, I know there is a framework called Kivy which I’ve sometimes used for personal projects but I want to know if is worth it to take that skill of develop with Kivy to that level of build a commercial app or if it’s better to begin with a new framework or even a new language.

If you know one language well, learning a second isn’t too tricky. I’d recommend you learn the appropriate language and framwork for the type of application you want to build rather than trying to only know Python.

Why Kivy is not a good choice?

Why restrict yourself to only Python? Kivy just isn’t as fully featured as more native frameworks.

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I was curious about why Kivy is not a good choice for mobile developing, It’s features seems to be nice (cross platform) but its community is quite dead. However, you are right, should be better to go for a specific tool.

The smaller the community, the less support you can find when you run into bugs. The project also looks to be dead, fwiw.