Mobile apps with python

Hi.Is worth my time trying to build apps with python?And when i say with python i mean only with python.I want to create the apps only for me as personal projects.What do you guys think?

So you can do this BUT I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this approach to building apps. The man reason why I wouldn’t take this approach comes down to documentation.

It’s one thing to build an app, another to build a good app, and another to build it in a secondary language on the platform.

I’d only recommend this approach is if you know what your doing already. Otherwise finding help for any problems your doing will become that more difficult.

You can create mobile apps using python with Kivy framework. It’s not a good option for commercial projects but you can do it for fun and personal projects.

You can take the help of Kivy python framework to build the application with the python.

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Hey. But what if in the future you change your mind about using this application for personal purposes only. If it turns out so good that you want to present it to a broad audience. Maybe even someone wants to buy it from you. Using the example , you can see that with a more diverse system, you get a much broader audience and reviews.

You Can Use Python framework to Create App.

Correct. You can do it but it’s not recommended.

Yes, you can do this with the help of Kivy framework or BeeWare.
Python can be used for the development of APIs of mobile applications. The mobile app developers can create apps with this programming language as it is capable of running on several major operating systems.
Kivy, the open-source library of Python for creating GUI for mobile applications across various platforms. It allows the developers to create pure graphical Python applications that run on major platforms (Linux, Windows, macOS) as well as iOS and Android.
BeeWare is the second graphical user interface and the mobile app development framework. It offers you a set of useful tools and an abstract layer that you can be used easily to write original-looking desktop and mobile applications using the Python programming language.

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