Should Kivy be part of the standard library?

So recently I have been learning the framwork Kivy.

I find it very easy to use, and as a person who just started to understand OOP in Python. I find Kivy to be really easy to understand.

I would like to see Python become a language that is more widely used in App development. From what I know, most app developers use Javascript framework like Node.js, react native, swift etc to make ios & Android apps. And from what I understand, not many developers use Kivy in their developer jobs or Python for that matter in native app development
If I sound new to python, is because I am. So experienced Python developers may disagree with me.

I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Is it perhaps redundant to even consider Kivy as standard library framework?

No, is the simple answer to “should it be part of the standard library”, it would pretty much immediately kill the project. A standard library is for core primitives. Kivy is a complex Python framework, not a core tool. People would use it, sure, if it was always available, but the project would rapidly ossify. Then once that happened, it would just be a big chunk of the stdlib that everyone avoided in favour of GUI frameworks that actually got developed. If the only point of Python was to build cross-platform GUI apps, sure, but it’s not. And even for languages like Swift or Dart, the core GUI framework they are used for is a seperate thing. Delphi is probably the closest thing to what you suggest, but that uses Pascal, albeit a specific dialect of it.

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