I want to learn javascript

I want to learn javascript. When ı was learning html and css , ı fallowed videos and w3scholss lessons which are about HTML and CSS. Now , ı am following javascript lessons on video and w3schools. My question is "Which is sensible? Fallowing video and w3scholl or only following w3schools. Because sometimes ı am thinking video lessons are unnecessary.

do what you prefer, what you think works best on you

here on freeCodeCamp we recommend the freeCodeCamp curriculum (at freecodecamp.org/learn )

I like freecodecamp but ıs freecodecamp beter than w3scholls ?

Yes. freeCodeCamp is better than w3schools as a curriculum. You may often find that some of the explanations or examples on w3schools are useful to you, so there’s no reason to stop looking at it completely.

IMO, Codecademy is easier than freeCodeCamp, so you might want take their beginning JS course and then come back here and do the JS here. I have never found videos to be particularly helpful for learning JS.

Guys , thanks for advice. Now my perspective is more wide .