I want to make a pull request

I have a pull request for the freecodecamp website. on learn.freecodecamp.org there is a search bar in the header see it here -> https://imgur.com/ViwYiis. this bar is to low. It doesn’t look good. Its a very simple fix like

margin-top: -.1em;

I’ve tried to clone the github repo of the fcc website but it’s kinda to big for my computer. Is there a way that I can clone only a part of the repo so I can submit a pull request with the change? I haven’t made a pull request before so apologize if this is a naive question.

You don’t need to clone the repo, just find the file to edit at https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp and there should be a pencil icon somewhere. Click on it, fill out the fields, and create the pull request at the end. :slight_smile:

A pull request is not necessary. If you were to pull down the existing master branch of the repo and follow all the steps required to get everything running locally, you would see the issue you raise is no longer present. In the near future the master branch will be deployed and you will see that many things which are buggy or broken on the current production, will no longer be present.

@Steffan153 For changes to the styling, a user should definitely pull down the repo to test out how it looks first. What may seem like a “simple” fix on the surface could cause unforeseen problems once implemented. Your advice more applies to Guide related changes.

See the current version of master below:


nice, the current local version is looking impressive!