I would like to know in order to become a good software developer, do I really need to be a genius in mathematics?

Hello everyone.
I have been thinking lately, in order to become a great software developer , do I need to be a genius in mathematics? Sometimes I have a few problems solving difficult problems. I’m just worried because I don’t want to be demotivated or frustrated while studying, I guess I really must have a good mindset.

I am also learning, be aware of that, I am not like experienced dev or something, but:

be ready, you will be stuck on something(maths or not)

if you now how to deal with the problem - you will deal with it relatively fast
if don’t - it will be hard and it will take time and you will need to deal with the frustration
its not easy, but its manageable

I don’t know anything about greatness

but you definitely don’t need to be a genius in maths to become good dev

Math requirements can vary, it depends on specialty I think

May be mistaken, but:

front-end doesn’t care about math too much

Data science cares: almost all job vacancies I’ve seen require statistics at least.

I was good at basic math at school, and was not bad with high maths later: calculus, linear algebra etc. Don’t remember much of this stuff tho.
It’s occasionally helpful - to recall some math.

You need to be good at logic I think:
what my code should do when A happens
what should be done if Happens A and C but not B

The above is simple example, but sometimes logic will be complex. I guess math logic would be helpful here, but you can learn how to solve problems without it.

Again, all of this based on my experience which is not very impressive for now.

Hope it will be useful tho.

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For software development, no but you do need to be(come) good at problem solving, and to be able to break problems down into logical constituent parts in order to solve the broader problem. It’s a skill you develop over time with practice.

Frustration during the learning process is inevitable. Only you know whether your motivation is strong enough to go all the way.

But as a start just try the freecodecamp curriculum and see where it takes you.

data science definitely requires strong maths/statistics so avoid it

@miketandy thank you very much for your great advice.

@admit8490 thank you :blush:

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