I'd love feedback on my product landing page

I would really appreciate some general feedback on my landing page, and I could use some help with a couple of issues with my video.

The first problem is the fact it’s not showing up. I uploaded my video to dropbox, but I’m not sure which link to use for it to show up. Any ideas?

Also, the video’s parent div has an opacity of .8, so as expected, the video is a bit transparent (even on my local machine where the actual video was there). I’m wondering if there’s a simple way to override the opacity of the video here without changing it anywhere else.

edited to add link: https://codepen.io/ErinWeed/pen/bGbMjVN

Not bad, however, the image looks like some text that is being covered by your black bar(pretty sure its codepen thing, since they never correctly load images from links). Also if you want to have a header and a navbar I would make only the navbar sticky, so when you scroll down the header goes away and navbar stays, so in your case, you would need to separate them, otherwise they are taking up too much space. Also for your navbar center your text vertically, change its font size and maybe it’s color to make it more pleasing. Might also want to center or align text to one of the ends of the bar horizontally.

Thanks for the helpful feedback. My images must be having some issues, so I’ll do some research on that. Your ideas for the navbar make sense, and the site would work much better on mobile if only the navbar was visible. I’ll play around with that and it’s overall appearance.

Great start! I agree with @russiandobby’s tips. Also, you have your #black-header’s height at 100px. You could reduce that or just get rid of the height and put in like 10px of padding.

The image and video aren’t showing up for me. When I tried to go to the image url it said “It seems you don’t belong here” so maybe privacy settings need changed or something. I’m not that familiar with dropbox.

You need to fix a lot of things:

  1. Your fixed banner is too low and I can’t see a lot of the page. Please put it higher up.
  2. This page is very monochrome. Add some color.
  3. Too much lorem ipsum. Tell the viewers Really what the company does-- what they sell.
  4. Your video won’t play and you don’t have any ‘products’ to buy.
  5. pick a better font. One that matches what you are selling or what the page is.
  6. the logo image won’t show.
    Just note that I am not trying to be harsh on you. Add what you can and ask for help if you need it. For a first time, you did a great job.

Yes. I’ve never used dropbox before, so I agree it’s probably a privacy issue.

You weren’t harsh at all. I asked for help, and I’m happy for input.

  1. Yes, I agree, and I’ll play with it some more.
  2. The background image should provide some color and a break from the monochrome. I just need to get the images to show up properly.
  3. This website is to help out a friend who needs a website set up, so they’ll be writing the content.
  4. Yes, I’m still working on how to display the video on codepen. I’ll research more.
  5. Good idea.

Thanks again.

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You’re welcome. Always glad to give feedback. Thanks for your nice comment.

Keep up the great work.

Great job for a start , and also putting in the effort to solicit feedback. That’s a mark to progressing yourself, as websites go through numerous iterations. Enjoy the process~ People here already gave good feedback so I won’t add too much fixes but more of enhancements comments that you can put in your backlog when the basic fixes are done.

  1. I do suggest the newsletter section to be a popup upon landing, so that can increase probability of users to provide their data. Throw in a carrot too~ Like sign up for our newsletter and you get 5% discount on your first buy etc.

  2. Always great to add Google Maps once you have an address.

  3. Centralise, centralise and centralise~

Hope it helps one way or another

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Based on the helpful changes I’ve received, here’s an updated version. I’m still struggling to get the video to show up–this time just a youtube video, but I’m guessing that’s more of a codepen thing.


Great suggestions. A pop-up is most likely beyond the scope of the assignment, but I’ll consider it for the future, and I love the idea of adding google maps. I’m curious what you mean by centralise, centralise, and centralise. Could you elaborate a little more please?