Product Landing Page Feedback and Questions

Howdy, Please critique my Product Landing Page and if you could, provide any information on how I could make it better.

I also have a couple of questions about this build.

  1. I had an issue with the video over riding the navbar. So I gave both a z-index which fixed the problem, well sort of. That made the background color cover the video. I played around with the z-index numbers and even added it to the body tag where the back ground color was, but could never get it to work correctly.

Any ideas on how I can fix this issue? ( I ended up just moving the background color off the body and just placing it on the main section and leaving the video section white.

  1. I built this code on Visual Studio Code, so I could look at it on chrome and it looked great. When I copied it to Codepen I had issue with pictures, text and my footer being the wrong size or not working correctly.

Any ideas on why that is and how I could prevent that issue in the future?

Here’s the code:

Thanks, again.

On the Video: I just commented out the Z index-1 in the video and I didn’t see the navbar issue you are talking about. This also made it possible to play the video. I think when the z index was negative the element wasn’t able to be interacted with because it was below the body element.

  1. I think the photos and text could be re-organized to look neater. I suggest vertically aligning the text on the left, and doing the same with the photos on the right. Now, to actually implement this…You could set the width of each about box to ~70%, then change the left margin of the text and right margin of the images to ~0px. Not entirely sure if this is best practice, but its a thought.

Also I didn’t catch that its a band until about halfway down the page. You could make the name more prominent and centered in the navbar (while keeping the logo).

And the concept is pretty funny :laughing: :+1:.

Thanks, for the info. I didn’t even realize the the video was unplayable. I removed the z-index on the video and it works correctly on Codepen and Chrome. Not sure why it was covering up the navbar before.

I’m still playing around with lining up the pictures and the text. I did what you recommended and it lined up the text and pictures for the 1st two and for the last two. Now I’m just trying to get those 2 groupings to line up.

Thanks again.

It looks like you fixed all of my issues. Background now works and doesn’t cover up the video and I still couldn’t get everything to line up perfectly, so I did a row-reverse on every other item, to try a trick the eye.