If you're new to CSS - DO THIS!

I do the same thing except I usually only target one thing at a time. It helps a lot just to see exactly what you’re working with

Has anyone been able to sign up for this? I tried from my phone and laptop and got an error signing up.

There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again

Hmmm I just tried another email address and it worked for me :confused:

Thank you! This is awesome, my laptop has almost flew through the window several times when trying to possition images in CSS. With this it’ll definitely make it trough :wink:

@fattie Hello, I just start the camp. I appreciate this kind of ressources. Thank You.

@Reinoud-Zuyderhoff @imadori
haha I used to know that feeling. I look over my old CSS and its horrific to look at!!

also i posted this yesterday! More daily challenges to build those coding muscles! JS and CSS!

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Interesting share, CSS has never been my strong area, I’ll check this out :slight_smile:

It should be “if new must do” haha…I’m doing this…for a week already

Thanks for sharing the reviews. The thing about CSS is addiction to design. You can underestimate CSS lovers, but the world has been entertained by them. All apps with less appealing views will always be avoided by the public.

Between functional or design, the public will choose both in one package.


How did you learn to do this css?

I did a bit of javascript stuff like this but never thought that css would be a better option. I guess I will try my hand at this too I think I will enjoy it a lot more!Thanks for sharing this I appreciate it.

@fattie Thanks for sharing. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing😀. Gotta revise CSS

Definitely going to start using this from now on!! Thanks for the tip :smiley:

I signed up but never received any emails :anguished:

Yeah, that was my issue too, kinda irritated now.

im getting the same error. Were you able to resolve this?

I wanted to sign up for this but this project shut down last year.

Thank you for the information.