More daily challenges to build those coding muscles! JS and CSS!

So a while ago I made a post about the daily CSS challenge, which is awesome if you’re just starting off! The post can be found here! I myself didn’t do it daily, but I try to do the odd one here and there on my downtime Sometimes I’ll create something that wasn’t on the list. Anyways I’ve come across two more cool daily challenges:

:woman_technologist:t3: The Daily UI Challenge (Collect UI is a huuuge collection of UIs people have completed for this challenge, so if you’re stuck for inspiration go have a gander!) The CSS and UI challenges are AWESOME for tinkering around with CSS&HTML and trying a different preprocessor here and there :smiley: again I don’t follow this daily but try to get at least one or two out a week.

:woman_technologist:t3:JavaScript 30 I’m about to start this in an hour or so. This is the one I will try to do daily as my vanilla JS skills realllllly need to improve drastically!

Well I hope this helps some of you out :smiley: Happy Coding!!!

/L x


Thanks for this very helpful for someone starting out like me! Just signed up for the daily CSS challenge and coding artists challenge. :slight_smile:

@fattie- Thank you for the suggestions, being new and not having an itinerary or much direction, and wanting to be the best I can be, I really appreciate you reflecting on when you started and helping us “newbies” out! I could not thank the community enough for all the kindness and willingness to help out! Thanks again!

Thanks so much for pointing this out! I’m going to do them.