I'm having a hard time understanding JavaScript

I just started learning JavaScript through a coding boot camp and I have to say I’m having a lot of trouble understanding JavaScript I’m coming to a point where I’m very frustrated with the learning process I know nothing is easy especially in programing and I’m not going to give up …Is there any other programing language I should learn first before JavaScript to kinda guide me through before learning JavaScript??? Hellp please !!!


May I suggest you start with this?



Thank you I will check it out :+1:


if your brand new to programming and trying to understand the concepts i think i library like p5.js whould be a great idea to start with because its all visual code so your making things move on the screen so its a great starter point really helped me out.

this website has all the documents for it and has a web editor so you can jump right in and try it https://p5js.org/

also there are some great tutorials to help you get into it on youtube too by daniel shiffman
great place to start for beginners and he is a good teacher too :slightly_smiling_face:

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I checked out the website you gave me above and that would help me out a lot I think it’s a great starter point for beginners :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you very much I appreciate it I will look into the YouTube tutorial as well

realizations that helped me

  • objects are just trees
  • everything is an object (tree)
  • break problems down into smaller functions
  • each function should only complete 1 task
  • start at the end and work your way backwards

yeah defo check the videos he is a great teacher for beginners he explains really well

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Honestly what puts me back is the math that I’m worried about i lack of math skills I was good in physics aka formulas but math was never my subject …This could be a stupid question ugh but how much math is involved in this? is it calculations or more like logical thinking aka formulated math or formulas?


i know very basic math and thats all iv needed, in javascript building web applications and web pages there is basically no maths at all, if your reffering to p5.js and build 2d games there is very basic math because its moving stuff around on the page but its very simple stuff you might have work out angles and stuff like that but nothing major plus it has its own methods to do all this stuff so you dont have to worry.

The only thing i thing you will need really good math in is if your building 3d games or complex algorithms such as AI or machine learning.

Hey Aleksandra,

nice to meet you!

I don’t think jumping into another language solves your challenges.
Beginner programming is more about the concepts, less about the specific language.

I like the free Practical JavaScript course,
because he’s talking a lot about the concepts and the why’s,
instead of only telling what you should type.


Ok i feel a lot better now lol the reason why i asked is because I do want to just stick to building websites but we did have a project in the boot camp where we had to build a small game and I found it a bit difficult but that explains it perfectly why :blush: Thank you for the tips I’ll stick to websites. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hello nice to meet you as well :blush: thank you for the feedback the reason why I asked is because I’ve heard mixed opinions about JavaScript also more or less people saying JQuery is better to learn first before diving into JavaScript please share your opinions.

jquery is basically antiquated. it was pretty useful a bunch of years ago. It would simplify a lot of things. but now since pretty much all browsers run the new versions of javascript (ES6) plain javascript can do everything jquery can so its down to how clear they name keywords which is pretty subjective.