I'm utterly stuck in the 13th step of Build a survey form of Responsive Web Design

I verified my code, however I cannot spot my mistake at all. As Michael Scott requests in The Office US: “Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m 5?”.

(Update: I fixed my code and passed all tests.)

Welcome to the forums @rafaelleduarte1993.

When a test fails, click the red button to see which test(s) are failing and text to help you correct the issue.

  • Be sure and read more than just the first line of the failing message. The ability to read and comprehend error messages is a skill you’ll need to acquire as a developer. Ask questions on what you don’t understand.

The failing message says

Inside the form element, I can select a field from one or more groups of radio buttons. Each group should be grouped using the name attribute. Each radio button must have a value attribute.
Every radio-button group should have at least 2 radio buttons : expected 1 to be at least 2
AssertionError: Every radio-button group should have at least 2 radio buttons : expected 1 to be at least 2

Beyond that though, when looking at your code I see you have numerous syntax errors.

  1. you cannot have a form element within a form element. You have this numerous times. (You need to correct this first, prior to trying to correct anything else)
  2. p2 is not valid HTML (you cannot create your own tags)
  3. there are elements that are not closed, attributes not assigned correctly…

A couple of things you can do to help yourself

  • As a suggestion switch the Syntax Highlighting on Codepen to help catch errors.
    Go to your Codepen profile settings (not the setting for the pen, but for your profile). Switch the Syntax Highlighting to Oceanic Dark and save the setting. Go back to the pen and make sure your new setting is working. The code highlighting will be using different colors. Errors will now be marked in red.
  • Run your HTML code through the W3C validator.
    • Since copy/paste from codepen you can ignore the first warning and first two errors.
  • Maybe think about searching and seeing what elements are valid within a form. One term you can try is html form elements

Hope I’ve explained it well enough.

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