Including projects in portfolio

I was wondering should I include to my portfolio, projects that I did through online courses like the project in Web developer bootcamp from Udemy? I am in doubt because projects like that are not build on my own, course tells you do this, add that while FCC projects are done by myself. So the question is should you include projects from courses in the portfolio?

I also did the Web Dev Bootcamp on Udemy (Isn’t it great?) and would be inclined to include those projects on your portfolio but would advise two things:

Are you able to go through them line by line and explain what everything does? This shows that you aren’t just following instructions but actually understand the topics. It could be helpful to really thoroughly comment your code.

You could also customize the projects. Even just changing the layout/design would show some originality. If you really think you understand the code behind them you could try refactoring it to make it even better.

include whatever you want. it’s not like anyone cares what you include,
as long as you know how to include and show what you made.