What projects to show on a portfolio?

Hello everyone…

I am building my portfolio and believe that the projects should be your own designs and not those of which i have coded along with via you tube.

That’s not to say you cannot use the lessons gained from those code-along projects but simply refer to them in your portfolio, i believe does not show originality.

And of course, declaring them as your own, would be unethical and let’s face it ‘code does not lie’…

Am i right or wrong???

If you are coding along and not personalizing it, then probably not.

However, you should be making it your own. Employers, prospective freelance buyers are looking for the cool things other companies have, they want to see that you can do them. So you should change what you do with these projects and make them your own.

And if you’re worried, declare it is a tutorial project. For example put my codepen projects in collections and indicate if they came from FCC projects, stackskills, Odin etc. That doesn’t mean I didn’t code them myself, only that I had guidelines I had to follow (which an employer is gonna look for).

Look originality is great, but employer’s are also looking for people who can do the same thing over and over again. It’s part of being a dev.

The really great stuff you do, you won’t always be able to put in your portfolio because you won’t always own it. That’s why you’ll see “I’ve done work for such and such companies” but won’t see examples.


Thank you for the advice… appreciated.

I agree with @Tirjasdyn

Copying or coding other’s design is an essential process to learn something new everyday. It’s hard to think of design and then implement it. It takes time.

Use the knowledge and experience you gain from this to create your personal projects. They can be less in number but should never be low or average in quality.

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