Instructions unclear in Learn Git by Building an SQL Reference Object

I don’t understand the instructions here. It says to remove the special characters <, >, and = after the failed git rebase command, but those characters aren’t in the .json file itself. They show up in the terminal when I use git diff, but I can’t remove them from there. What is it trying to say? As far as I can tell my .json file matches the screenshot in #3 of the hints, but when I click Run it says, " Your “sql_reference.json” file should have the correct properties and values." I have double checked to be sure there aren’t any trailing spaces and there aren’t any.

It doesn’t look like you saved the file (the dot next to the file name is shown for unsaved files).

I guess that was it. when I opened it back up to save it the extra characters were in the .json file and I was able to actually remove them.

When all else fails, reboot. lol