Interview results

I recently applied for a web developer position at the company where I work. The phone screening went well and the interview went well but I didn’t get the job.

In the phone screening, they said my code looked good. In the interview I got an actual high five from a member of the panel for one of my answers. However, I didn’t hear anything back for two weeks, which is unusual and was not a good sign. I emailed to follow up and they said they had pulled the position.

I set a follow up skype call with a member of the panel and he said I just dont have the level of experience that they need right now. Last year the entire dev team left and the lead they hired is not very technical. So they’re trying to make that up by hiring a more experienced team.

Side note: I applied in a bit of a rush and put up an overly simple portfolio site. In my follow up, he said my github was good but that portfolio was bad and I shouldnt share it on my resume.

He also said that my resume looked good and they were impressed until they saw that bad portfolio page.

Ah, that’s rough, sorry.

At least they gave you some actionable advice - all my failed interviews never led to anything, and then I sort of fluked a job anyway.

A well polished portfolio gives you something nice and tangible to work towards.

Onwards and upwards :muscle:

Sounds like you did what you could, and did the right thing and got feedback on where you can improve. Don’t see this as a failure, see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, and focus on updating your portfolio so the next time you apply, you are more prepared than you were before.

Otherwise sounds like everything else was good, especially with the type of feedback you got from the interviews which is excellent!

Sounds like and excellent learning experience, from which you will come out better than you were before :smiley:

Good luck in your job search :smile: