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Hey guys I wanted your input. So I was applying for a job as a QA Games Tester, and thought it would be a perfect start to my career as a potential developer later on in the next few years. And so I had an interview with a company. I was hopeful about it because firstly, the HR lady that scheduled the interview was so chill and I absolutely aced the interview. However, when she booked me for a second interview it was with a QA Manager, and he was such a poophead. In my resume, I highlighted some skills from when I was working for a municipal job as a labourer. and working for a small part time game testing job, nothing crazy. Anyways, one of the questions that stumped me was him asking me what a negative testing was, and he mentioned that it was on my resume… even though it was not on my resume. I couldn’t answer the question even though I tried my best to come up with somewhat of a valid answer but failed ultimately.
The interview was with two people and it was supposedly an hour long. half an hour with one guy and the other half hour with the other guy. The first guy stopped the interview and basically told me that there were some gaps in my skillset and that I should get more experience as a qa tester and that they weren’t going to proceed with the interview. Me being absolutely heartbroken, a part of me felt he was trying to make the interview difficult on purpose to get me to fail but I was so depressed after the interview, that I started questioning my purpose and whether freecodecamp was even worth completing. This was first of the few interviews I had where the interviewer was actually a rude person.
I’m sorry for the rant but ultimately the reason why I’m writing this is because I’m feeling discouraged and down about the outcome of the interview. Can anyone give me feedback on what I should do at this point? i’m still applying for both QA jobs and Junior Front End jobs but it almost scarred me that one crap interview.

Hi @Sherif123 your feelings are quite understandable. But remember that no situation is 100% in our control, so feeling 100% bad does not help at all.

  1. First of all, according with what you are telling us, it seems that the recruitment system of the company is a bit strange. (Not a HR expert but by experience and common sense, first you receive a talent pool, then your compare their skills with the needed profile, then you call the pre-selected candidates. ) How is that you were called supposedly having “many gaps”?
    In any case, this means your CV is “OK”.
    Setting that aside (we will never now)…
  1. You might get focused in a specific role, in my understanding these are two different roles. Learn more about the role, perhaps you have the skills, but you ignore the specific details of the job.

Please do not allow a single interview decide your future. If you have begun something , is better to finish it. You still could build a portfolio and learn a lot of things.

Is very difficult not to have at least a bad interview in one life… Truth be told, sometimes you can be rejected for external factors, or for a small error in the interview. Is not good to generalize.
5. Finally, take responsibility, you can always try to improve, and perhaps you will need a couple of months more to be prepared for the jobs. That is ok. If you are in financial need, you can apply to related jobs meanwhile.
6. Finally, think in all your journey, and the good things you learned, you get bad feedback 30 minutes, so what, suppose you learned and put your effort 30 months and you know it, less than the 5 % would do that kind of commitment, I see nothing to be ashamed. If you still need another 30 weeks of learning and 30 minutes of interview, you still can go ahead.
In addition we are always learning, is not like you need to be a ¨perfect QA expert¨ just a functional one.
Hope this helps


Hi @Sherif123 !

Bad interviews suck but they will happen sometimes.

You just have to pick yourself back up and try again.

I was in a meetup the other day and a senior dev was talking about how he recently failed an interview before landing his new job.

Just keep applying and learning until you land the job. :grinning:


You guys are all amazing. this forum community never ceases to astound me. the amount of support and help for those in need.

At one point I got angry at the interviewer I thought to myself I am worth more than a 30 min interview, and so i’ve been grinding 12 hours of fcc a day since then to prove I can be better lol so far it’s working.


Don´t get angry for those things. There will be better opportunities, the more experience you gain, the more confidence you will have. You are making a great use of your time! Sincerely, is only a matter of patience and knocking good doors.
Best wishes!

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Move on, and just do better in the future. Don’t get stuck in the past. What’s done is done.

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Try to make a positive out of this. They possibly exposed a small gap in your knowledge set, after all, if it’s your resume, perhaps ‘negative testing’ is part of a larger skill set you say you have. Remedy that by hitting the books and refresh yourself on testing. On the other hand, interviewers sometimes do that just to see how you respond. In the future, if you do not know tell them you don’t. Never try to come up with an answer on the fly. I have interviewed a lot of folks for tech jobs and I and others admire someone who can say "I don’t know, may I look that up and respond later by Email? Also, grab friends who have interviewed and ask them to practice interviewing with you. It’s a skill all in its own. Definitely continue with freecode camp the more you know and learn the easier these interviews get!


Excellent reply SENRAB51 , well done!

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