Intoducing myself

Hi, my name is Leonard and I’m a high school student trying to learn programming and some computer science. I’m looking forward to study an engineering, not sure which though, and I’m trying to learn for a bit for college applications and to be able to earn a little money while I study. I’ve been trying to learn C programming as well as Linux. I’d really appreciate any help with these topics, as in which books helped you or online courses. Im pretty much enjoying this and look forward to read your suggestions. Thanks

Hi there @insert-cool-username, welcome !

I’m not into C or Linux (yet? :scream:) but I’m sure there should already be a bunch of resources on the forums. Have you already made a quick search for these topics? Then you can ask more targeted answers about specific resources? (and that way you can start a new thread with a more specific subject, I’m sure you’ll get lots of great feedback).