Is a project finished if your code could be improved?

Hi there,

I just finished a portfolio website for myself, everything is functioning as it should. However the code could be improved significantly. I have a lot of repetitive code and if another developer came along they probably would not like what they see.

So my question is - If you have a fully functioning website/app. Do you tend to mitigate any problems with your code? Or do you move onto learning something new after spending HOURS on just getting something to work.

I look forward to hearing from everyone!

James. :slight_smile:

If I know clearly how I can improve it, I do this. However, sometimes I am not sure how to make the code nicer or what new features could be implemented. With my own portfolio I was totally not sure about what design I want, so I made it with whatever came to my mind planning to re-make it when I have more ideas and knowledge.
Sometimes I work on the new project and after I finish it, I understand how I should fix my old one - and it would take me more time if I just stayed struggling with the old.
I think it’s better to move on when you have done all you can with your current project and return to it later after doing something new. Of course, if your code is a mess and you know how to make it more structured, it’s better to do that, or you may not understand it after a month or two))

Depends what you want to do with your app. For instance, the random quote generator that I have has a box and that’s it, no fancy design or what ever. I also do not intend to remake it because I don’t have any intent on showing the site to anyone, it’s made pure for the project completion.

However, with something like a portfolio page, I’ll spend days refining code/design that could be improved, simply because I inted to show it to people. So, what I do is decide what the purpouse of the webpage is and then either improve it or leave it.

HI James,

an old wisdom “a website and a project are never finished”.
It doesn’t matter how experienced you are. After a while you
will ever have the feeling that you can make it better and this is a good sign!!
You learn more and more with every finished project. So of course
you can make it better after a while.

The portfolio grow with you. There will come many projects which you don’t like to refresh but your portfolio must be (or should be) up to date and if you want to code a new one bye this time, why not?
And don’t care about what other people think about it. You must have a good feeling with it not the others :slight_smile:


As someone who tends to burn out quickly when working on the same thing for too long, I consider the project ‘done’ enough to submit once it fulfills the user stories, but I do come back and improve the code with the knowledge that I gain from newer projects. Moving onto the next project tends to be better for my focus; it’s easier for me to come back and fix up the old stuff later when I’m not so tired of looking at it.

Good luck!

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Yeah I think this is a good idea. I thought it was bad of me to just leave the code in a bad state however I think moving onto a new project can be quite motivating to make it more efficient