Advice on completing Projects

I am currently working on Front End Libraries projects, I am completing the projects with bare minimum CSS and HTML just to pass the user stories. I did the same with Responsive Web Design projects, should I spend more time to make the projects good or is it okay if I continue like this. I feel like im wasting time if i do CSS and add more funtionalities to my projects. Any advice. Thank you.

Complete them and the go back and add more flourishes later when your skills grow?

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Should i revisit Front end part after completing all certificates to get more skills, or will later certificatees help me improve?

I agree with @Pethaf, you can go back to those projects later and improve them. I did the same with the Technical Documentation Website when I had written a tutorial for React. Going back to those projects will help you build a better portfolio too.

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Try using a different technology and tackling the same projects again after every few months or so. This helped me feel confident with React for instance.