Is building tests worth it for portfolio projects?

No doubt test writing is very important for real projects. But my sense is that for portfolio projects maybe not so much. Seems few people do it and that time would be better spent on CSS buffs or adding extra features.

What do you guys think, do tests have a meaningful impact on the strength of a portfolio piece?

I think having tests in your portfolio would impress an interviewer. It shows an attention to detail and a depth of knowledge. Some work environments take testing very seriously. In some environments you don’t even start coding until the unit tests are written.

But there are a lot of things to learn. You have to decide where you want to spend your time. But having some exposure to basic unit testing, I think that would impress someone. Where I work, people won’t even look at a PR unless there are tests. You can just do it on a few projects, maybe. I don’t think they expect you to be an expert, but some exposure would be good.

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