No idea if a portfolio is worth it or not

I constantly read conflicting opinions about this. A thousand people will emphasize that a portfolio is significant and a must-have (especially if you lack a degree). Another thousand will insist it’s useless, hiring managers never look at them, and the game is all about networking.

It’s overwhelming, and I feel like I don’t know what I should commit my time to. I feel I can never find straightforward advice about if building a portfolio is a good use of time, or a waste of it for something that won’t ever get a view that doesn’t belong to the owner of it.

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Unfortunately that is most things in tech.
Here are my two cents :slight_smile:

I am of the opinion that it can help you especially if you don’t have a CS degree.
Some employers will look at it, while others might just look at your github.

The only time I have seen portfolios work against people is when the site doesn’t work or is unnecessarily complicated. I have seen sites where there are too many animations where it is distracting or the overall UX is confusing and I don’t even know what to click on.

Some will look at it and others won’t.

When it comes to networking, I am a huge proponent of it because it helps you cut through the crap of the early stages of the application process and actually get to a real live person for the interview.

One of the reasons why landing that first job is so tough is because a lot of companies have so many barriers and filters before you even get to a real live person.

Networking helps you cut through that crap and land an interview so you can actually showcase your skills.

Trying to land that first job is tough.
I advise new developers to join communities where others are in the same boat as them.

100 devs has a really large community and seems really supportive. I never went through it personally, but have talked with many who have and they have a really active discord.
freecodecamp also has an active discord.
Danny Thompson has a really active discord and tons of materials on how to get a job.

My advice is to build a simple one page app that has links to your projects and the github repos.

Don’t overdo it with animations and keep it clean and professional looking.
When it comes to design, don’t stress about trying to come up with some eleborate design.
Just keep it clean and responsive.

The star of the page should be your projects where people can click on the links and it will take them to sites.

Hope that helps!


As you pointed out, there are a diversity of opinions. You’ll see that here too. Me, I’m not a big fan. My advice is usually not to make projects for the purpose of putting them on a portfolio. Make a cool project/projects based on your own interest and focus on making them good. If and when you have projects that you’re genuinely proud of, definitely share those as part of applications and interview processes. I think that most projects that are made for adding to a portfolio end up being pretty generic and shallow.

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