Portfolio Feedback | Job worthy?

Looking for any and all constructive criticism. Also, will this get me an entry-level dev job?

Cheers :+1:

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If your project demonstrates that you know how to do what is required for the position then sure.

Your project shows basic competence but you will most likely be competing with others for your position. Your work should be impressive, which means it stands out.

I think it looks great. I would just work on making projects that will really stand out above everyone else. Great work though!

Hi there! Sorry to get in the middle of the conversation but I wanna learn this too :slight_smile:

What kind of projects you guys think it would stand out? Because like @bstefansen I also did these famous practicing projects like JS calculator, wheater app… Maybe some real life thing would stand out? A stock chart analisys web page? A game in Javascript?


I agree with alkapwn3d that this shows basic competence.

Is it job worthy? That really depends on the job? Should you start applying? I’d say yes. But as alkapwn3d says, you’re going to be in competition with people that have done more. But go for it. Apply, get better at interviewing, keep building up your knowledge and portfolio. You can’t wait until your portfolio is perfect - it never will be.

As to your portfolio app itself, I found some of the U/I choices and colors to be a little offputting - but I’m picky about that stuff.

@bruna_452 All of those and more. There is no magic combination. There is not magic amount. Just keep building. I will say that I assume that they have seen thousands of calculator apps. I like to think that there is a hierarchy of portfolio work. Maybe something like:

  1. Professional work with a team.
  2. Open source work.
  3. Your own completely original (or at least built and designed from scratch) app.
  4. Things you built in boot camp or school, part of a curriculum.
  5. Things that you built from tutorials or code-along videos.

Maybe at your stage of development, you’re pretty low on that list. That’s OK - that’s where you are right now. I was up between levels 2 and 3 when I got hired. It will be different for everyone. But just keep working yourself up that ladder. Things will really depend on a lot of factors. But just keep learning and building and when you start to get into level 3, maybe start applying to get things going. At the risk of another shameless plug, I once wrote up a doc on my thoughts on getting that first job, here.

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In my opinion, you should apply for a job when you feel comfortable with your knowledge in the specific job requirements. The highest paying jobs typically request this design level standard.


The most important thing in a portfolio is the previous work and the security that you can transmit to a client that you can do the work.

The only thing I could notice about your portfolio, is that maybe your background image in your contact form loads too slow, it might be too heavy for slow network connections.

I make my comments with the best of intentions, good luck.

Agreed. 1meg + for an image, even these days, is a bit large. I was looking at a white background for over a minute.

This background is too big for a 1920x1080 screen. What is it?:

Make sure that any images support and are connected to the content.

I’m not an expert. I wonder if the projects carousel is the best format to deliver many cards. That’s quite a bit of clicking to see the next batch of three each time.

I didn’t know the resume box was a link until I happened to mouse over it.

This looks great I love it. Good luck with your search and well done.