Is free code camp good way to learn?

I actually saw in YouTube that this is a trap as it will doesn’t give practical skills to get thorough in the outside world
I also saw in YouTube that this is a great way to learn.
I was really confused
So i decided to ask the people who are doing this course?..
Can anyone help me?

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What do you mean by trap? Care to link to the YouTube video you reference in your post? You always have a choice of whether to continue or stop working on the Free Code Camp curriculum at anytime. It is 100% free for you to use on your on schedule.


A trap? Trapped into what…need more data :no_mouth:

No one website, course, class, degree, what have you will give you all the practical skills you need to get through in the outside world. If you come across something that promises to do that, Id be very wary.

FCC is pretty open about it that they teach you the skills to learn to learn to code…no thats not a typo, they will teach you how to learn, so that you can learn to code. By that I mean, they dont hold your hand “do this, now do that…ta dah! you created a project based on the things we told you to do!” instead, it actually forces you to do your research and learn how to find the resources you need to complete the challenges and projects. This is an incredibly valuable skill that you will need throughout your career, because you will never…ever know everything there is to know. Tech moves way too fast for that to happen…but if you can figure things out, then you are golden.

As for practical skills, if you follow FCC on Medium, there are a ton of great resources on there to help guide you. Things not related specifically to coding, but go hand in hand like being able to work on a dev team, you can learn from joining a cohort…not sure, but pretty sure FCC still has cohorts you can join to work on a project together where you can learn stuff like the collaboration tools you’ll need on the job and how to work with others working styles and personalities.

In line with that, only other thing off the top of my head I can think of is Agile methodology. Many companies use some form of Agile to keep track of the project, scope and productivity.

All in all, because of how tight this community is, and how strong the drive not only to succeed but also to see others succeed, I actually think FCC is an amazing resourse. Its not about the certificate…it feels good to get on a personal level, but on a professional level, its about what you learn…its about the effort you put in to take advantage of all the resources that are made available to you, the connections here that are willing to offer help and collaboration, and the drive you have to take it upon yourself to learn to learn… That applies no matter what path you choose to learn.