Is Full Stack Open good?

Hi, i wanted to ask if anyone here has taken the Full Stack Open course, if so, how was it?

Hello there,

Which course are you referring to? The course developed with Helsinki University?

Hi, yes im talking about this one I finished CS50W recently and wanted to dive deeper into full stack so when i was looking around i found this course and was wondering if its good or not.

I did most of it in 2020 and thought it was excellent.

It does help to have some previous experience with technologies like React (assuming the 2022 courses uses that), because the course can be quite wordy. So, it helps to be able to put the words in context.

Oh fair enough. What about The Odin Project? Iv heard some good things about it so im not sure whether to do FSO or TOP.

Personally, I am not familiar with anything offered by The Odin Project, but I have heard positive feedback from others about it.

Perhaps someone else will chime in with their experience.

Actually i started The Odin Project today, i researched further about it and i quite liked what everyone was saying and i also like the structure of the courses/curriculum. Thanks for your input regardless.

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