Is it correct time to apply Jobs and please if you share sample Resumes

I have completed Responsive Web Design, Javascript Algorithms and Data-structures and almost Front End Development certifications, so it is correct time to apply for the Jobs

Can you apply for jobs? Sure. Based on what you have listed, are you likely to get a job? Probably not. Possible, but not likely.

There’s no real threshold of “readiness” for you to cross. It’s about keeping learning, building new and more interesting projects, and polishing up all the other things (resume, linkedin, portfolio, interviewing skills, networking, etc.)

For me, I finished the FCC material (this was before the Python stuff) and started working on my own projects and kept learning. Even then, it was another 6 months before I started getting call backs and year before I get a job offer. (#ymmv, don’t take this as a timeline, there are too many other factors.)

But if you work hard, you will keep getting more hireable, and eventually your hireability, the market needs, and some luck will intesect.

Rather than have us all post our resumes, why don’t you share yours. You can create a thread in Career Advice and ask for input on your resume, portfolio, etc. A lot of people do that.


My very general rule of thumb is to start looking at the job listings. Read the description of the responsibilities/requirements/etc and ask yourself “can I do that?”

Keep in mind that while a job will help you get started in their particular codebase and may be willing to give you time to learn specific tool(s), they typically will not teach you how to do your job. If your response to job listings is “I could do that or learn it on my own very quickly”, then apply.

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