Is it Hard getting a job in coding if your older?

I’m currently 47 years old and decided to learn to code. I took a semester about 10 years ago in computer science but by current boss wound up paying for me to take classes in a cnc school. I’m a machinist and I program and run some old cnc machines. So I wound up dropping out of college to take advantage of free schooling from my boss.
Now I’m older but still interested in going back to school. Weather I go back or just learn online. Prolly both. I was curious how a job outlook would be for me when I’m around 50 years old. I’ve read that this industry isn’t kind to older people. Is this true?
I want to learn because… well because I want too, so it doesn’t really matter. But it would be nice to know that I could get a job doing this some day. There’s always freelancing I suppose but it would be nice to get my feet wet working for a company.
Thanks in advance for any input

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Although, I don’t have personal experience with finding job myself. Here is a video about similar case:

How He Became a Developer at 45 | Old Programmer - YouTube

good luck and I hope you find a job as well


Hello @Steve-grebs
i think you should go for it HTML and CSS are really easy to learn javascript is really usefull but dont let anyone stop you from doing what you want if you want a job in codeing go for it man do your best and hopfully it will work out i would recomend a large company because the job will be more stable also i think that being older is a good thing because people will generally think you know what your doing more that say a 20 yr old becuase they will see them as inexpericenced and unreliable and iresponsible so i think you have an advandtage because of your age not a detriment so go on and do your best and have fun with codeing and i hope you get a good job as well sounds like you have a little expericence already so that should help!

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