Is math necessary to be good at coding?

I am a total beginner. No background in computer science, or web, or anything else related. Unless you count learning basic HTML from Neopets at the age of 10!

I want a career in web design or web development (are those two different subjects?). Wanted it since high school, but didn’t have my mind set on it because it was one of a few ideas I had. Community college was a disaster because I didn’t have my mind made up yet and only went because my family would not stop pushing. I had an accounting class (apparently, I was placed into that class because I failed the math portion of the aptitude test) and I could understand nothing, no matter how much I read or how many times it was explained. I dropped out after the first semester.

Anyway, years later of trial-and-error, annoying jobs, my family finally learning they’re just going to have to be unhappy with me forever (side note: I later learned my family had zero idea what college entailed! They just wanted me to go because “you’re supposed to”. That was really it.), and growing a spine, I finally have made up my mind.

But I figure before I throw myself into something that may not be worth it, I should ask: Is being good at math a requirement for learning coding?

I can do basic math. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and a small amount of fractions. After that, I’m a useless blimp.

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Problem solving skills are paramount. Computers will do the math for you.

To this specific question, it depends on what coding you are learning.

These are two different subjects, and you do not want to confuse the two, but the terms are used in a variety of meanings. The way I would put it:

  • Web Design: UI/UX based communication (what users see, and how they use it)
  • Web Development: Fullstack, Devops, SaaS, PaaS (just a bunch of buzzwords you can Google). Generally, a lot more involved than web design, and has more to do with how the use of web technologies are being supported. How is this service being provided? How/Where is information being stored?

As for web development: I do not think I have done anything beyond “addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division”.

As for any coding: I have needed some quite advanced maths for many coding-related tasks (Finite Element Methods, Machine Learning Algorithms)

So, maths is as important in coding as it is in English (any other language) - it depends on what you are trying to use it for (teaching Physics, or communicating information)


In that case, I prefer design (though I’m open to development too).

@Sky020 I am flattered. Your reply was precise and made the concept palpable.

I pray for prosperity in your success path.

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Not at all,you don’t really need Mathematics to learn programming.

Not necessary at all

Don’t give up or feel discouraged