Is .Net Core Feasible for freelance?

Ever since the .Net Core has been open source i’ve been thinking of freelancing on .Net. Is it a feasible choice?

If you want to do something that pays very well, be a .Net contractor. You’re going to need to know your stuff though. This is why the common path is working for some years then moving into contracting (at which point you likely have experience and a network to lean on).

What many users of the forum mean by freelance is building arbitrary small web things for small businesses and individuals – if you mean that, .Net (primarily using C#) is very common in enterprise, hence there are lots and lots of contracting jobs available if you can acquire the skills, and they pay extremely well. But it isn’t in common use for small-scale web development.

NET Core supports all diverse kinds of operating systems. It is cross-platform. Node is eight years old .net is 15 years. Of course, it will have a larger following at an enterprise level, but companies that work on massive scales use nodes to solve their problems.