Is prompt engineering a job we can all consider doing?

I noticed that a basic knowledge in coding is a typical requirement.

This is for sure a field to keep an eye on.

As one example I recently discovered a job posting for a prompt engineer working with content creators. You will get boring content if you ask ChatGPT generic questions. Guess the engineer is trained to query questions that are able to get better results.

There’s no demand yet, in Germany offers for prompt engineers and writers were less than 50 jobs today. But that might change rapidly.


Looks like scammers have discovered prompt jobs, so please be skeptical of prompt engineer jobs and courses making promises too good to be true, people!

As you’ve seen above, the job market isn’t there yet.

I’ve never heard the term “prompt engineer”. Most engineers I know are habitually tardy.


No more tardiness human, submit to your overlords. :robot:

It sounds kind of awful, but I guess writing super good prompts is a skill in itself. I’m also guessing proofreading might be part of the job.

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Imagine the AI the only one you are talking to all day. “Her” might be a documentary soon.

I am actually starting a new work project, and we are starting to work on some concepts of incorporating ChatGPT. One of the points that were discussed in the meeting just now was prompt engineering. A part of this project will be is us finding the best way of asking questions to ChatGPT, and from what we discussed it is actually going to be pretty interesting. I just got thrown on this project out of no where, so I agree this could change rapidly

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No matter how the job market for “prompt engineers” will look like in the future, being able to ask an AI the right questions could be a job requirement soon.

Especially in tech.

We might hate it, but AIs are here now, better start using them or fall behind people who already have a year and more of experience using them.

I suspect the skills of “punching a precise technical question into Google” and “punching a precise technical question into ChatGPT” strongly overlap.


lucky guy. Keep us updated about this

I actually like it. I have been learning a lot from my AI.

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