Is the Flutter Course still good to follow?

This is the course:

It’s a bit outdated (2 years old), is it still worth following or are there other, newer/better, courses that I could follow? It would be very much appreciated if there are (free) courses for which I could receive some kind of certificate upon completion, as well.

Thanks a lot.

freecodecamp only offer certifications for the web development you can find at

Yes, I know. I was just asking for other websites which do the same. But that’s besides the point. Is the Flutter Course on the freeCodeCamp channel (the one I linked) too outdated to follow or would it be fine to follow along? Thanks.

I’m not a big fan of video courses, so I can’t offer personal opinions on that side of fCC. So I’ll just generally say

  • even though languages and libraries sometimes change quickly, older material is still just fine for learning how the language works
  • It’s always worth looking at the documentation of a language/library/tool to see if there has been a major version update in the time since a course was published.
  • My sister is a Flutter developer and had success just learning from Flutter’s own documentation and education stuff.

If I were to go the no-video route, I suppose Flutter’s own website and tutorials should be good enough, as you also mentioned? Or perhaps if you have any other recommendations, I’m all ears. Thanks a lot.

I always recommend giving the official material a shot first. Sometimes it’s total crap, but sometimes it’s really good and helps avoid feeling like everyone is contradicting each other just a little bit.

I’m not a Flutter dev, so I can’t offer any personal recommendations.