Is the React section of the Front-End Development Libraries curriculum outdated?

Someone I connected with on Twitter who has completed the Front-End Development Libraries curriculum suggested that I should not learn React from the curriculum.

According to him, the FCC React course is class-based, and class-based React is going to be redundant soon. His advise is that I learn hooks-based React, which he says is cleaner and more efficient, and is fast replacing class-based React.

I have no idea what some of these concepts means, as I’ve never taken any React before, but I’ll like to ask for direction.

Should I take the React course on the FCC website? After that, should I still go ahead and learn hooks-based React? Which resources would you recommend for learning hooks-based React?

Things that have been built with class-based React will be around for a while and need to be maintained/upgraded/etc., even if the industry moves away from building new things with it. Learning class-based React now while you still can might give you an edge in the job hunt over people who’ve only ever dealt with Hooks-based React. Relatively speaking, it won’t really take up much of your learning time anyway.


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