Is there any possibility to get job?

Which part should I finish to get a job and where will I apply for this?
If I finish these two certification course below then could I get any job ? If this opportunity is to be available then where will I apply me to got hurry job.

  • Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)

  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification (300 hours)

It will give you experience, let you dip your toe in and hopefully the confidence to push on amd learn more. But on their own they aren’t likely to get you a job – they aren’t qualifications and they only give you a taster of the subjects covered. All of the curriculum will probably give you a reasonable foundation to build on I’d say, but it still needs a huge amount of extra work in your part.

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Your question has been asked and answered numerous times in other threads. You can use our forum search to find such threads.

The short answer to your question is you will more than likely need to complete the majority of all the certifications (not just the first two) to find a job. It can also depend on the job requirements required by a company and other factors such as existing education (i.e. degrees you may hold).

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Thank you so much for kind of your clear information.

Yes, I will try to cover all certification then I will try my best for web related jobs. Thank you.