I just completed the second level on the curriculum JAVASCRIPT ALGORITHMS AND DATA STRUCTURE

What’s baffling me is that

I’m not confident of myself, all the lessons so far seem to be like theories.

Like, i can’t do well in practical, i don’t even know how to start applying, although, most of the times, i usually pass the tests and projects and all.

But, i don’t think i can implement them.

I don’t know whether anybody understands me or not, please.

So, are there any projects anyone can recommend to me, that i can practice on.

What job can i even tender my certification for, like Mobile App developer, or JavaScript developer? or which job please.

I’ve completed these certifications; Responsive Web Design and JavaScript Algorithms &Data Structure

Even, building my portfolio too is something i don’t even know about.

Thanks for response in advance.

That’s not enough for a job on its own.

I’d move on to the next certification.

Ohh, wow. Thanks, I appreciate

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