Is this right for me

I wanted to know if I should be working through each subject one by one or choose specifically what I want to learn. I want to become a software engineer. Most jobs near me list C++ as a required coding language to know but I do not see it on here. Thanks for any advice and help!

Hi @tonyvalenz !

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What kind?
It is a pretty diverse field.
Once you narrow down what you are interested that will help you answer what you should study.

For example, if you are interested in web development then you should get good at the core languages (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Also learning a tech stack like the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) stack would be good.

FCC teaches the MERN stack and python.
They have a couple of beginner courses in c++ on their youtube channel.
Just out of curiosity, where are you based?
What kinds of jobs are you looking at?

I’m located in the heart of Silicon Valley about in the middle of FAANG companies. What I was leaning towards was more mobile app development. Im still very new to all of this so even what I’m interested might change. I was currently studying Scientific Computing with Python

Ok cool.

Since you are new, I would focus on learning the fundamentals and taking an intro computer science.

cs50 is a great course.

I took it when I first started.
It is hard but they do a great job of teaching the basics of computer science.
And they have a great supportive community when you need help or advice.

If you are taking the FCC python courses, you might want to supplement it with other sources.
I wouldn’t consider those 4 courses to be beginner friendly.
The FCC course was designed to be done in order.
So they assume you have programming knowledge before doing those four sections.

Just a word of warning :grinning:

Also, FCC has beginner mobile app courses on their youtube channel if you are interested.


Thank you very much for all the helpful information I really appreciate it! Just enrolled for the cs50 and will try my hand at following FCC in order!

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