I'm really confused about what I should learn

First, I started, Freecodecamp curriculum - Responsive web design and Javascript algorithms and data structures, also took a course from Udemy - Web developer Bootcamp.
Then, learned basic python using a book, Hackerrank, and a Udemy course - Learn Python Programming Masterclass. Then take courses from Coursera - Python for Everybody Specialization. Then doing problem-solving in Codeforces. After someday I realized, C++ is better than Python for competitive programming. So, I’m learning c++ now.

There are so many mind-blowing technologies that are too amazing to ignore. But I’m not from a computer science background. So, my main focus is to get employed first then explore those technologies with my own expenses using my income, not my father’s.

I found my interest on,

Web Development
Machine Learning
Data Visualization
Competitive Programming

What I’m doing is just jumping. Web development to machine learning, then competitive programming also. Ultimately, I’m not going to an expert in any sector. For example, in Codeforces there is some problem that I’m stuck for 1+ hour, and some smart guys solved this in less than 1 minute :confused:
I don’t know is just me or you also facing or faced something like that in your beginning of CS career.

There are so many paths and I’m really confused about what I should learn first and what is the learning sequence of this?

you don’t seem to have gone any deep in any of those

I can talk only about web development, but what about frontend frameworks and backend technologies?

stuck to one thing until you build a decent project with it, then explore something else if you want


If that’s you’re aim then you need to rethink things: you’re just doing beginner things in multiple languages, it’ll be easy and it’ll feel good, but it isn’t much practical use. As @ilenia says you need to actually go deep into something instead of just skimming the surface.

:man_shrugging:t3: competitive programming is a hobby. It might be fun, and I guess it is useful for training knowledge of algorithms and data structures. But you’re worried about not getting enough internet points here, and internet points are not something that’s going to help that much with getting employed.


Hi, I am from India just started my career in web development. Currently working on the backend using node.js. Brother, can you suggest a skill I should learn next because there are a lot of frameworks like angular, react , vue, etc. I am totally confused and I want to learn a skill which will pay great value in future. Please suggest something.

If you want to work toward a career in web programming, then you should focus on web programming. By far the most important thing there is that you are really good with JavaScript. You can spend all your time learning libraries and tools and frameworks but at the end of the day, web programming all boils down to JavaScript, HTML, and HTTP.

In terms of frameworks: just pick one. You can choose based on which one has the best inexpensive/free resources available. You can choosed based on which one is in the most job listings in your area. You can choose based on which one you like best. Just pick one and get good at it. In order to be competative in the job market, you need to already have an understanding of how to build complete and complex things. You want to show what you are capable of. Farting around at the surface layer of several languages and/or several frameworks only shows that you are capable of following tutorials and courses for beginners.

Pick something and learn it well. Yes, you may end up having to learn something different later, but you’ll be much more capable of doing that if you are already good at something similar.


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