Is this the right way of learning?

I am using the FCC challenges to validate my skills in html css. I am learning from online resources (youtube,udemy) and then coming back to fcc to solve the challenges. I have not yet reached the javascript section, don’t think this approach will help thereafter .

I don’t think there is anything wrong with that approach. The main thing is that you keep learning. Youtube and udemy are great resources. Try not to focus on too many resources at once.

For javascript the book You Don’t know JS is very well regarded. is a great channel for JS and Web Development in general.
You may have heard of this one also: => The most popular and well regarded intro to javascript and web development.

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That’s what I did too and it worked for me.

However , when I came back for the new curriculum and did the additional html/css challenges I still learned new stuff, and I am proficient in React and doing the React challenges now and I find that it reinforces my knowledge.

It’s still very beneficial to use other resources and I find udacity is my other main source of knowledge.

If it works for you, then it’s the right way for you. No judgement here on what tools or processes you like to use.

As said above, this approach should be fine, but I think there is one resource (besides google) that is very useful, and its MDN.

Its where I go when I need a reference guide. The resources you mentioned probably provide walk through, were as MDN will provide examples and syntax information. If you don’t know how something “works” then MDN should be you first step to get some context. This is pretty useful, especially when you go on into javascript, which is pretty different than HTML/CSS.

I skipped over google since Id think its a given, but its probably the best place to get information on more generic things. (like how do to X)