Is Wordpress the Most Flexible Platform?

Hi guys,

I’m thinking of using Wordpress to re-create a new website for a client. But I would like to know if you have done other platforms like Wix or Weebly or Squarespace and have compared with them.

Is Wordpress really the most flexible platform to use and can it be customized to meet the client’s needs? Is it really user-friendly for the client?

I ask that because I had a terrible experience using Wix as Wix recently becomes slow and strung up with bugs. Also it’s very limited in terms of coding (even with Corvid). As a result, I’m considering to transfer to Wordpress.

Perhaps it depends on how you use Wordpress. Wix is slow because is a “drag and drop builder” which basically have lot of extra code in other to translate the visual layout into actual code. There are “drag and drop builders” for Wordpress as well. But if you code your own theme without them and optimize it it should be fast. In terms of flexibility Wordpress have lots of plugins. For example you can use advanced custom field plugin, to add custom fields for posts or pages. Hope it helps.

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