Issue With Certificates

I just finished the JavaScript Algorithms & Data Structures section. I went to print my certificate but I can not get it to fit onto one page. I can get it to fit on one page by scaling it to 59%, but when I do that the “FREE CODE CAMP” banner does not appear at the top of the page and Quincy Larson’s signature takes up at least half of the document. I tried just copying everything into a publisher file and moving things around but that has proven to be as pain as well. I’m about to just make up my own certificate in Publisher that says all the same basic stuff as the one issued by Free Code Camp. Could you guys fix this please? Would like to be able to show off my hard work in a professional manner :slightly_smiling_face:


Bugs should be reported as GitHub Issues. Before creating an issue, please do a search to make sure that it hasn’t already been reported.