Issues with buggy behavior in the web design curriculum

I am marching along thru with the web design curriculum. Ive noticed since the beginning that when given black-box text like in step 64 of building the nutrition guide, if the string of text is too long for the instruction box it just cuts off. I usually will run the html tests and copy the full message from the failure feedback, and that is how I have been getting around this issue. But now I am here on this step 64 and that isn’t working because the feedback instructions are not giving me the text that messed up. Hope this makes sense and that someone can let me know if there is a way I can fix this problem. Again, its happened at some point on every project so far, but only just now have I been so stuck that I can’t work around it.

That is a code block. By design, code blocks don’t wrap.

Hi there, can you post a link to this step and clarify what type of device you are using? Eg, phone or laptop etc?

I am currently using a phone (what type of device are you using?)

I am able to scroll inside the code block to view the entire line of code.
Have you tried this?

ive tried scrolling before. I just checked again to see if I could scroll, I noticed that a scrollbar appears, but then it disappears. No scroll

Ahhh ive found a new fix. If I go into another tab, and then return to the tab with the assignment open, I can drag the scroll bar if I hurry and grab it before it disappears.

Just realized playing around with it that if I click on the code block, the browser will focus there and I can scroll back and forth with my left and right arrow keys.
Thanks guys. Hope this may help someone else too

MacBook Air M2 Safari 15.6

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