IT Skill Training Resources?

I currently work in a call center and might have an opportunity to move to an IT customer support role. I would really like to improve my skills to prepare me for such a role; I’m fairly computer savvy but don’t have much formal training. FCC has been a great asset for learning programming – are there any resources out there that would help for IT skills?

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I haven’t taken a look at them personally, but Google just released a series of courses leaning IT skills via Coursera. The specialization costs money, but if you look up each class separately you can watch all the videos and (generally) do the assignments free of charge.


If you don’t mind paying for it, Pluralsight have a lot of courses on IT support, security, networking and that whole area. There’s a 14 hour path called Help Desk Essentials that might do for you.


Wow! This looks like a really great course, thanks for sharing!