January 2018 fCC Cohort

Funny you mentioned that. I’ve been thinking about starting my own cohort for the JavaScript Algoritthms certificate.


Hi I am just starting with html and have a little css experience. I wonder if I would be able to participate in any meaningful way

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Please add me to the list! @codenoob

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@oarsum23 I think anyone at any level can participate in a meaningful way, both meaningful to themselves and meaningful to others. :smile: This cohort is basically a bunch of us agreeing to finish our challenges and projects by a deadline so we know others are working on roughly the same things at the same time we are.

It’s not too late to go through the challenges and start working on the projects. I find that once one really understands the material in the challenges, the projects don’t take too long to finish, leaving some extra time for one to catch up as needed. :sunny:

@camper Do you use github to share projects or just codepen or jsfiddle?

@Codewife101 I personally use GitLab Pages to host my projects. When my projects are ready to be submitted for review, I create a new forum topic and add the link to the appropriate cohort project topic.

So, for example with the tribute project:
GitLab: http://camper-fcc.gitlab.io/tribute/
Topic: A Tribute to Raccoons - Feedback Requested
Cohort Project Topic: Build a Tribute Page Project Questions, Discussions, and Resources (January 2018 Cohort) – look for the PROJECTS section.

Does that answer your question?

@camper Can i still join?


@Alemrv Yes. You added your username to the list above so I’ll add you to the next cohort topic I create. :sunny:

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thank you so much for adding me

Hello.It’ a little bit late, but I want to participate the cohort.


Hi all, I’m going to join in! went ahead and added myself to the list


Hey people, also late to the game but will play catchup - have added my name to the list.
Looking forward to this, the beta curriculum looks more more structured and intuitive :+1:


Each of the 5 final projects has a set of tests that must be passed.

For handy reference, I extracted the Tests checklist for each of the projects. Here’s the link:

Google Doc with Tests checklist for each Project (link retired)

Happy coding!

UPDATE: For handy access, I added the CDN link to the top of each page.


Thanks for this, I was copying them each to my onenote but this is better.

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I’d like to join the cohort. Starting my Tribute Page project. Would it be cheating to look back at my past exercises in Code Camp under the Bootstrap section to help me do this?

Please add my username to the cohort list. I couldn’t edit the first post. Thank you.

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@priscilla-littlecat I don’t think it’s cheating, per se, but it’s not using the tools and information we’ve used and learned in the beta curriculum up to this point. I think it’s better for one’s learning to not use Bootstrap for these beginning projects. I think the idea of not using Bootstrap is one of the main differences between this part of the current and beta curriculums.

I’m doing my first project in the Code Camp Curriculum. I saw the video and read the instructions. I may be talking about something different. Please tell me what you are referring to and how do I follow the rules of the cohort when making my first project? Thanks.

@priscilla-littlecat We’re following the fCC beta curriculum. Bootstrap is not mentioned in the Responsive Web Development section.

Okay, thanks. So I can click the CSS tab in CodePen and uncheck Bootstrap in QuickAdd? If so, I’ll do that. Thanks for helping me.

@priscilla-littlecat Yes, I think that’s the way you’d do it if you’re changing an existing Bootstrap project. I don’t think the CodePen fork in the project description has Bootstrap added by default, if you’re stating from scratch and using that.