January 2018 fCC Cohort

The new forum topic for responsive web design principles and CSS Flexbox is available here (Deadline: 2019-01-19 23:59):

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Oh I never throught about getting inspiration from Pinterest, that will be my evening commute sorted.


Plenty UI components and webpage templates for a lifetime of commuting :slightly_smiling_face:

:sunny: Here’s the new Build a Tribute Page cohort topic for discussion, questions, and sharing resources.

Some things to consider as a member of the cohort:

  • Please plan to complete your project before the deadline so there is plenty of time for others to submit a review.

  • When you’re ready to submit your project for review, create a new topic for your project and add it to the list below.

  • Please REVIEW AT LEAST 2 PROJECTS using the checklist in the topic.

Thanks for giving your time and energy to help others learn! :100:

Late to the party, but i’ve bookmarked and edited the initial post to add my name. Once i get caught up with logistics of this cohort, i’ll probably jump on with the most recent project. (75% through front end cert on old curriculum but see great value in the cohort review). And what’s wrong with more refreshing!?

This is awesome, @camper .

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Seen this posted in a facebook group is anyone is interested. I picked the option to Start Coding and I am just reading through What is Code? by Paul Ford.


Sign me up !

email: Brownkt@eou.edu

I would have liked to join but the beta version doesnt work for me

can i view the responsive web design challenges and work on them if I am not part of the cohort. I saw this a little late. I tried to look at the schedule but when I click on responsive web design I can’t see the actual challenges. I am primarily interested in responsive web design not front end development but can’t see challenges for this path. On another note when I am on my map and look at the forum there is no back button to go back to the map. Am I missing something?


@aimeejulia, @bobbyc, @Krate2016:

This is a cohort that I presented to the fCC forum in case others are also interested in working through the beta curriculum sections and projects with deadlines. I’m planning to continue moving forward through the beta curriculum. That said, one reason I’m doing this via the public forum system is because I want others to be able to copy what they need if they want to propose their own cohort.

I don’t have any connection to any of the people working on the beta curriculum or to fCC in any official way.

Others have mentioned having difficulty with the beta curriculum, similar to what you both have described. Unfortunately, there’s not much I (or anyone else in the cohort) can do to help with that. You may find some things to try in the comments above, but it’s not guaranteed to work for you.

You may want to try the beta curriculum in different browsers until one of them works. I know for me, the beta curriculum is working in the latest versions of Chromium and Firefox Quantum on a Linux desktop. I haven’t tested it in Safari, Edge, IE, Opera or other browsers.

The forum system and the fCC current and beta curriculums are three separate systems. They don’t necessarily link back and forth to one another.

I recommend going through the beta curriculum from the beginning even if one has already completed the current curriculum. I think there’s a lot of useful newer information in the beta curriculum that one may not have been exposed to in the current curriculum. Also, if one previously completed some of the current curriculum projects, I recommend refactoring those projects for the cohort by only using best practices (including accessibility) and limiting oneself to HTML5 and CSS3.

Hope that helps! :sunny:


I’d like to join this cohort. Please add me if it’s still possible. I’ve just started with beta version.

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Funny you mentioned that. I’ve been thinking about starting my own cohort for the JavaScript Algoritthms certificate.


Hi I am just starting with html and have a little css experience. I wonder if I would be able to participate in any meaningful way

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Please add me to the list! @codenoob

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@oarsum23 I think anyone at any level can participate in a meaningful way, both meaningful to themselves and meaningful to others. :smile: This cohort is basically a bunch of us agreeing to finish our challenges and projects by a deadline so we know others are working on roughly the same things at the same time we are.

It’s not too late to go through the challenges and start working on the projects. I find that once one really understands the material in the challenges, the projects don’t take too long to finish, leaving some extra time for one to catch up as needed. :sunny:

@camper Do you use github to share projects or just codepen or jsfiddle?

@Codewife101 I personally use GitLab Pages to host my projects. When my projects are ready to be submitted for review, I create a new forum topic and add the link to the appropriate cohort project topic.

So, for example with the tribute project:
GitLab: http://camper-fcc.gitlab.io/tribute/
Topic: A Tribute to Raccoons - Feedback Requested
Cohort Project Topic: Build a Tribute Page Project Questions, Discussions, and Resources (January 2018 Cohort) – look for the PROJECTS section.

Does that answer your question?

@camper Can i still join?


@Alemrv Yes. You added your username to the list above so I’ll add you to the next cohort topic I create. :sunny:

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thank you so much for adding me