Java projects and FreeCodeCamp

Hi, just joined FCC because of the article on Medium announcing a general backend certification along with support for non-javascript backends.

I’ve begun doing the APIs and Microservices portion of the site, but am wondering if I am looking in the right place as the site keeps mentioning javascript. I’ve used node, but I am much more of a Jakarta EE8 or Ruby on Rails developer.

I completed the first microservice.
Live Site (has endpoint at $url/api/timestamp)

Code Repository

FCC doesn’t currently have any backend course work other than Node. It is an open source project built by volunteers. I believe a Python section is being worked on, and there may be others in the future, but as of now, Node is what we offer.

I would be happy to contribute to other backend certifications, but I’m not familiar with FCC’s contribution model. Is there a Contributor's Guide or similar as is often found with open source projects?

If you’re looking for Ruby on Rails, may I suggest The Odin Project.

For contributing on FFC check out:

FCC is opensource on github.

Of course, you can’t just create a new backend certification - that is part of the planning of the NPO officers. People of course make suggestions, but they’ve pretty much considered it already. FCC can’t be everything to everyone. They’ve chosen a technology stack and will slowly add as they can and where they see fit.

Beyond the curriculum, they also have a guide that cover many more topics (not a curriculum, just a repository of information. That is also on github. That is also a place to contribute.

The curriculum is here.