JavaScript alternative?

Is there any way to program in JavaScript with C# like syntax? I’m new to js and can’t figure it out and it’s frustrating.

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TypeScript more closely resembles C#, but it’s still mostly the same as JavaScript. If you learned C#, I have no doubt that you can learn JavaScript.

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You can use Typescript, which is a typed superset of JS written for Microsoft by the designer of C#. However, it is still JS underneath and works the same way. Note that JS/TS is not C# and the version of OO does not work the same way despite it resembling it syntax-wise; JS has free functions & fully supports a functional style along with many things. If you try to blindly import the OO patterns use when writing C# programs, you will normally end up producing terrible JS code.

You can also use C# to write front end apps using Blazor (it compiles a .Net runtime to WASM letting you just write the app in C#).

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Typescript has structural subtyping, so one rarely has to use classes, just interfaces and types. It ends up with a very different style as a result. Angular is an exception, preferring to use classes for almost everything.


Hey there @alfreps1990!

All the others have already recommended TS so I won’t do that, but I will give you some advice. Don’t just look for alternatives because you can’t understand JS, it might come back to bite you later. Having to grind through a language is part of programming and looking for shortcuts in learning is like looking for shortcuts while building a house.

The house may stand when it’s bright and sunny but when the hurricane comes will the house stand?

Hope this helped!

Thanks everyone for your advice, I’ll try with TS, but I will keep on learning JS. @Cy499_Studios, you made it very clear

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TS is JS so you can’t avoid learning JS.

I can see how some of the TS syntax might feel more familiar to someone coming from C# but I’m not so sure if it’s the best way to learn JS though.

@alfreps1990, No problem!
Thatt’s why we’re here!

Feel free to ask any more questions to the forum!
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