JavaScript Challenges with functional progr

Anyone can post some functional programmers that went through challenges for javasript certification ? If you know some youtouber or someone on ipen that s using functional programming to solve it would help me a lot. thanks

No idea what you’re talking about WRT certification, but if you’re into videos explaining JS functional programming, I recommend this character. And I mean character.

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those js challenges (random quote machine…)just done with functional programming.

If you want to approach something like the random quote machine with pure functional techniques, then I suggest writing it to use React’s Functional Components. They’re what I learned React on, and frankly I think they’re a hell of a lot simpler and easier to learn than class-based components.

(Honestly I think FP is easier to learn than OOP, but I started as a unix admin who fell in love with pipes and used them everywhere, so it was pretty easy to grok)

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thanks I will try FP looking way better and more fun to me. Also feel like I can understand it better.