Javascript & JQuery (Jon Duckett) vs Javascript & JQuery the missing manual?

I have the Jon Duckett HTML and CSS book, and it is a beautiful book, but I found it more as a reference and skim than a learning book. Now I’m just working my way through the Javascript modules on FCC and CA, and quite like having a book to reference (and use when I have no internet) I’m looking for advice on which Javascript book to buy.

Looking at the options, the Jon Duckett Javascript and the Missing Manual look like the two go to option.

At this time I can only justify one purchase, so does anyone have both and an opinion on which is most useful?

Or any other suggestions?


hmm i would also like to know if the missing manual is worth the purchase.

Thanks, I’ll look into that - Totally need to learn how to use Github. Looks like this weeks job is sorted

@P1xt I’m a complete newb when it comes to programming and I was wondering if YDKJS is actually worth the read? Thanks so much!

Seeing how it has 45,000 stars on GitHub, 15,000 followers on Twitter, covers most difficult and least understood javacript ideas and anomalies, and is 100% free… Yes it is totally worth the read.

However, since you are new, you might be better off doing the Javascript course on Codecademy, beginner’s javascript tutorial somewhere, and trying out the javascript challenges and projects on FreeCodeCamp before doing a full in-depth study of how the language all works, syntax, and advanced topics. It is not meant to be a tutorial for learning Javascript. It is meant to correct any errors you have in your already pre-existing knowledge of Javascript.

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@IsaacAbrahamson sweet- thanks!

@francisngo The missing manual is really about jQuery and the jQuery UI, rather than JavaScript. I would recommend looking through it in a shop before you buy it.

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Thanks - That’s really useful!