JavaScript practice

Hello everyone,
I would like to ask your help and guidance because as of now am studying JavaScript and Algorithms and am on Basic Data Structure course but I feel like I should start practicing the little I have learnt but I don’t know where and how to start,
Can someone help me and show for me some directions of what to start on and what platforms to use .
thanks and happy learning to code,
lets keep going.

As you start to get in to the algorithm stuff, you’ll quickly find those are very effective practise for the concepts you are learning.

If you want to supplement that learning, you can check out algorithm-focused websites such as CodeWars. Alternatively, if you want to start exploring how to use the JavaScript you are learning in a webpage, search for resources on Vanilla JS DOM Manipulation.

Either way, the best practise for any programming skill is building things.

Good luck, keep up the great work, and happy coding.


As nhcarrigan said, practicing is really the best way to improve. Also, if you get stuck on anything after trying your efforts for a really long time, then don’t be afraid to ask for hints or help.