JavaScript where to download?

So, i want to download javascript to my computer to code there, but i cant find any normal downloader w/ it. Can u help me guys?

You can run JavaScript on your web browser. Hit F12 on your keyboard, then the Console tab. Then you can type in JS code.

There are also online environments where you can run JS, like

What do you mean by “download javascript”? Are you looking for a library like jQuery? Or are you just looking to write javascript code? If the former, try searching for the library you want to download. If the latter, basic javascript code is interpreted by the browser, so you don’t need to download anything. However, you might need a development environment to make it work. For that, you need to install a local server, or you can code online someplace like Codepen.


javascript is in every browsers these days. just put it in script tag in your html file or write it con a different file and link it in your html file. here is instruction from w3school:

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nope i lied
its other code language

A JS file is saved as .js on a computer (windows for me). You can then go and edit the file using a text editor like notepad++, Atom, etc.

The same is for html, .css, and many other langaunges.

Note that you need to import the other files if you want to have them work together, like html, css, and js. Again, best to do all of this on a text editor like Atom.

Strangely, you don’t need to download JavaScript. You can just write it as plain text. Here is some JavaScript:

const message = 'Hello World'; 

However, it can’t do anything unless you have a JavaScript engine. This is a program which reads and interprets the code and produces an output.

Since JavaScript is mainly a language for the web, all web browsers have a JavaScript engine. However, you can’t simply load a JavaScript file into a web browser. It has to be attached to an HTML page. When you load an HTML page in the web browser, the browser will parse the page and then interpret the JavaScript.

These days however, JavaScript comes in another form called Node. This is the JavaScript engine which Google uses in the Chrome browser. But it has some extra features (written in C++) which allow it to work in a desktop environment. For example, you can use it to connect to the file system.

You can download Node here:

You will then be able to run JavaScript files from your desktop by running node myJavaScriptFile.js from the command line. I suggest using a text editor like Visual Studio Code which has a terminal built in.


I am a beginner too and I feel where you are coming from… i think.

I found the saving .js files annoying and working with the editor on your web browser a bit over whelming too.

My solution was to download the ‘webmaker’ app. Once downloaded there will be a clickable link in the top right of your browser. You can use HTML, CSS and JS kinda like a codePen. Really simple display, easy to understand whats going on. It’s FREE and you can access it offline as well.

Here’s the link:


Pretty sure he got confused with jQuery.

You don’t need to download javascript to use it. Your browser has an interpreter that can execute the code. Download developer environment software like vscode and you can start coding.

The current standard is ES5 javascript to code in ES6+ using new features you need extra stuff but you can youtube tutorials for that or the tutorial you use to learn js will explain it.

jquery is a library that is built with javascript. You can use a cdn by linking the script at the bottom of your index.html body. Youtube or check out

You can do it with just your favorite browser and its built in development tools. All the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and IE11/Edge) come with a suite of reliable tools including a debugger, error console, and performance profiling. I recommend starting with that.